Coffee pods

Unospresso produces the finest and best blends of espresso using state of the art Italian technology production lines, processing some of the world's finest coffee bean origins. It goes without saying that consistency is key to success
and we strive to always meet and maintain the high standards we set ourselves in production to ensure the delight 
of our clients cup after cup.
Each espresso pod has 7 grams of rich and freshly ground coffee packaged in special wrappings to seal out any oxygen and thus preserving the exquisite aroma of a true Italian espresso. These pods are packaged in boxes of 18 pods, or 50 pods as a complete serving set, or for large consumptions a box of 150 pods.
The production plan at our factories is extremely delicate and finely set. These are carefully placed to constantly deliver to our clients the freshest and tastiest espresso with an aroma and taste that is so attractive it will guarantee complete delight and satisfaction. 

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